Varicose Veins

Vessels with varicose is the expanding of the vein vessels which carry the blood returning to the heart. It is a frequently occurring disease, appears in nearly 20 % of the grown-ups and 50 % of the people above the age fifty. It is observed more frequently in women.

In the vein vessels in the legs there are valvules which provides blood flow towards the heart against gravity and performs the duty of pump. In the situation that the valvules are out of order pumping of the blood towards the heart is disordered and blood starts to accumulate in the veins causing them to expand and come to be in a state of visibility. In this situation which is defined as the vein insufficiency, if the vessels which come to a visible state are the small veins in the skin they are known as the capillary varicose (telangiectasis or spider vessels), and the larger veins as the vessels with varicose.

The appearance of the varicose is one of the first evidences of vein insufficiency. According to the CEAP clinical stages the appearance of the capillary veins indicates the 1.stage of insufficiency, the appearance of the larger veins indicates the 2.stage. If the vessels with varicose are untreated the disease by advancing as a result of the accumulation of blood in the legs causes swellings in the legs (stage 3), the formation of roughening in the skin, color change and changes like dermatitis (stage 4), stubborn ulcers (stage5) or unhealing ulcers (stage 6). For this reason the treatment of the varicose or vein insufficiency carries great importance. The aim in the treatment is by the healing of the diseased veins to provide the return of blood to the heart through healthy vessels and to keep the disease from advancing.

In the treatment of the varicose utilization of the methods such as skin surface laser, inter vessel laser (EVLT), sclerotherapy (application of medicines into the vessel with varicose), phlebectomy (the removing of the varicoses by small incisions), stripping (the removal of the entire vessel with varicose surgically) and varicose socks.

Varicose socks increase the blood returning back through the veins and hinder the advancement of varicose however do not provide the cure of the varicoses developed.

It should be taken care that standing on foot for long periods should be avoided and raising up of the legs when sitting should be cared for.