Difficult Wounds

Ulceration treatment aims the care and treatment of the lacerations which appear in the varying regions of the body and which may heal hard, besides being a medical problem may cause intense psychological and social disorders and damages. Ulceration which develop in the legs effects nearly 1 % of the society.

The hard healing ulcerations may come out with several reasons. The most frequent reasons are vein insufficiency, diabetes, reduction in arterial blood flow, long lasting bone infection- osteomyelitis, skin soft tissue damage caused by radiotherapy, calcifilaxy caused by kidneys, vasculitis, fungus infections, burns, traumas and skin cancers.

The ulcerations which form on the legs may develop as connected to the disrupting of vein and artery blood flows. Vein insufficiency forms generally as a result of the disruption of the valves in the leg veins which regulates the flow of blood upstream. The main reasons for this situation are the vessels with varicose and the formation of clots in deep veins observed in 40 % of the society. In time swellings and pain emerges in the legs, its color gets darker and hard healing and repeating ulcerations develop. Nearly 10 % of the patients become unable to work.

Diabetes is a situation seen frequently in nearly in 5 % of the society. Because of the decrease in arterial blood flow foot ulcerations form in the 15 % of the cases and two thirds of these are hard healing ulcerations. Foot ulcerations may require amputation of the foot in
15 % of the cases.

For the treatment to be successful, along with the suitable treatment correct diagnosis bears great importance. In the treatment of ulcerations use is made of methods like debridment, skin grafts, skin and soft tissue flaps, and surgical methods like vessel bypass operations and methods which are not surgical, various types of dressings, medicals which activate ulcerations healing, antibiotics, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. In the treatment of ulcerations the patient’s training and conscious participation is given prime importance both in the treatment and prevention of the reappearance of the ulcerations. The aim is the maintaining of the treatment of the patient so that he can go back to normal life in health and stay healthy.